Ways to Lose Weight Naturally.

To lose weight, you should not go on any diet that would be dangerous. Better to lose weight naturally and healthily. It’s much better for your health and it doesn’t deprive you of your favorite meals. Plus, you don’t take the risk of gaining more weight after stopping your diet. Here are some ways to lose weight healthily that you can stack, or alternate if you want.

1. A daily program

An example of typical meals, as well as the exercises that can accompany them, is very useful.

2. Avoid Sugar

Avoid sugar, of course. It makes you fat. Most importantly, also reduce your daily salt intake. Why? Because salt makes you feel more hungry.

3. Pineapple fat burner

Pineapple naturally burns fat: do not hesitate to consume it. You can also eat papaya, lemon, or grapefruit which have the same properties. To complete, also add a few cups of green tea.

You can use pills which contain all the natural ingredients – Vital Keto pills are specially made for fast result in weight loss.

4. Acai berry

The acai berry is a Brazilian fruit, natural anti-oxidant, which allows you to lose weight very gently and very naturally. read more

US regulatory agency classifies Huawei and ZTE as a “security risk”

The conflict between China and the United States continues. Huawei and ZTE technology may no longer be used in the US network.

The FCC has classified the two Chinese telecommunications equipment suppliers Huawei and ZTE as a threat to national security. A corresponding decision was already made in November and was formally sealed on Tuesday. This means that Huawei customers in rural areas have to remove and replace the two companies’ equipment from existing US networks.

At the same time, they are no longer eligible to receive $ 8.5 billion in state aid to buy equipment. Huawei and ZTE were initially unavailable for comment. In the past, they had sharply criticized the decision.

The U.S. government has banned almost all U.S. companies from working with Huawei. It accuses the company of being too close to the communist leadership in Beijing and espionage. The company denies this.