What the new weapons are good for against tension

Massage pistols:-

What can they do, what do they cost, when do they hurt? We did the test.

Back pain “shoot away” at the push of a button: massage pistols are currently conquering the European market. How do they do in practice?

They hum, knock, vibrate, and shake. They are now available in all colors and shapes and from different manufacturers; they can be dirt cheap or incredibly expensive: massage pistols for troubled office workers. A trend in the USA for a long time, the devices are conquering the European market.

Manufacturers target highly motivated but motionless, long-term seats at the desk with uncomfortable neck tension, shoulder, and back pain. The devices, which cost between 60 and 600 euros, promise quick and effective remedies at the push of a button.

Because the massage pistols are becoming more and more popular, more and more suppliers are appearing – but sometimes with very dubious devices, which on closer inspection turn out to be cheap and imperfect copies of the branded products. The dealers, mostly from Asia, lure at low prices. The selection at the online retailer Amazon is now gigantic – who should keep an overview?

Biggest shortcoming: So far there have been almost no severe tests of these devices – neither at the Stiftung Warentest nor the consumer centers there are indications of what to look for when buying. At the online retailer Amazon, the devices usually have very positive reviews, whereby only those who are backed by a “verified purchase” are meaningful.